Make outgoing voice calls, send and receive SMS messages directly from your Android/iOS phone using Twilio through any of your owned Twilio numbers. 

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How it works

In order to use TwiConnect you need to have:

This application doesn't bill you for call or SMS usage, its just an API interface to Twilio and actual call charges will be billed by Twilio. However there is a monthly subscription fee for the app itself.

Outbound number

You need to have at least one Twilio purchased number.

During initial setup select your default Twilio number to be used as outbound number when making calls via TwiConnect. Later on you can easily switch to a different number from a settings page.

Posible usage:

  • Business number in multiple countries? Make your business presence international with multiple numbers from 80+ countries.
  • International sales campaigns? Make sales calls from a local number.
  • Burner number? Dial from your cell phone using a different caller ID.

TwiConnect is fully integrated with your phone Contacts.

  • Search by phone number or name.
  • Show Contacts as you type number
  • Support local and international phone number formats.
  • See Call history for each Contact.
Recent calls

View Recent calls made from TwiConnect app.

For each call you can see date, duration and price.

Call kit

TwiConnect Call kit similar to native Android/iOS Call Kit. As you make a call you can see price per minute.


Coming soon

SMS support

Meet the Team

TwiConnect is developed by Websolutions Agency a leading digital agency in Croatia, delivering complex web solutions and online platforms for international clients. If you need support or whitelabel TwiConnect application feel free to contact us.